The O'Mahonys

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  Patricia, Chloe, Jill, Fintan, Terri.   Lets start off with an early picture of  mum Patricia, Chloe, Jill, Fintan and Terri. Don't use the car to date the photograph, it was a vintage even back then.
  Jill, Terri and Fintan - can't remember where.   Now for some children snaps. This is Terris Holy Communion Day.
  Jill, Terri and Fintan.   Still getting younger here is another pic of the three kids.

Terri and Fintan

There must have been a big roll of film in the camera back then. Here's one of Terri holding on tight to Fintan. Not so easy to do nowadays as we live on different continents. Don't drop me Terri, please!
  Terri, Jill and Fintan   Staying in the garden for this one. Fintan is a bit older but not very wiser. I look lost in my own back garden. Terri is of school going age here. The green number is her school uniform.
  Niamh and Jill.   Here is a picture of Jill with cousin Niamh.  Niamh spends her time in New York these days.
  Terri, Niamh and John.   Uncle John and two of his nieces, Terri and Niamh.
  Dad.   Finally here is a snap of the man himself, Vincent O'Mahony sitting on the oldest car in the world.  Many thanks to Murt and Terry O'Sullivan for taking the time to scan these pictures for me.
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